Friday, May 6, 2011

Win a Kelly Moore Bag from Mom Spotted!

Check out the fabulous review of the Kelly Moore Camera bag over at mom spotted and you could enter to win your choice of bag. The review is very detailed and the bags look great.
Read the review here!
And don't forget to check out the great bags at Kelly Moore!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Macys Fashion Director

Macys Fashion Director: "

I love this outfit - check it out!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The New Office Thirst Quencher and More...

I love a good beverage when... well, always. Especially when I am working. As a result, I drink much more coffee than I probably should (and enjoy every sip). Occasionally, though (especially since warmer weather is coming) I get tired of coffee. It is at that point when I start ingesting loads of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, and who knows what else -- the dreaded Soda fix!

Well, fellow beverage lovers, fret no more! My new favorite find will be yours too. The Soda-Club System is the best way to make your own soda, diet soda, sparkling water, energy drink, and more... IN SECONDS!!! They have loads of flavored syrups that make loads of tasty drinks that are sweetened and carbonated to your own individual taste (and they are Kosher and allergen-free). And if you are interested in going green, it is environmentally friendly in a number of ways. Check this out.

For pennies a liter (instead of dollars that you pay anywhere else), you can have your own personalized beverage. I keep the bottles filled with water in the fridge to keep them cold. When I am thirsty, I grab a bottle, insert it into the base unit, pump 3 times, remove and add one of my favorite syrups. Presto! No waste, no disposable cups, no electricity required. In fact, the unit takes up less counter space than a regular coffee maker.

I love to use it to make their energy drink when I need a boost. Ever have an upset tummy and want a bit of ginger ale without having to run to the store to buy a huge bottle that is just going to sit in the fridge, taking up space? This is perfect. Want to make great mixed drinks for a party and want to be ready with loads of different mixers to suit anybody's tastes? The Soda-Club System is perfect! You can party without the waste. The possibilities are endless.

The system is relatively inexpensive, given how much we usually pay (plus it is really easy to "go in on one" for an office... further lessening the cost). There are many styles and options to suit any budget and any style (The silver/black looks really nice... but they have colors and stainless steel too!) And, don't worry, Soda-Club is just the name... it isn't any commitment to order anything over time. I highly recommend this for anybody wanting to get off the coffee train every once and a while. The drinks are delicious and very high quality (actually I was surprised). It isn't messy to use, and the drinks taste really, really good. Better and more fresh tasting than anything I've ever gotten from a store. The carbonation cartridges last a long time, too. I've had mine for a while with pretty heavy use and it is still going strong. (I have another on hand for when it runs out, but it keeps going and going).

They carry them in some of my local stores, but they sell everything right there online! The diet pink grapefruit and lemon-lime are the best I've ever had. The cola is really good too (and I was a long-time, loyal, one-brand only cola person - so trust me). Go take a look here. If you are wavering: get one with extra bottles. You will be pleasantly surprised.